Chairman's Reserve Vintage 2005

Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999, overseen by then Chairman, Laurie Barnard, as a special project to create a fine quality rum that can represent the iconic style of St. Lucian rum. As a simple line of distinction, Chairman’s Reserve starts with selected aged rums of both Coffey column stills and copper pot stills, married together after maturation, and then re-entered into oak for blending and final finishing. The end result has become the flagship St. Lucian rum known for its harmonious well-rounded finesse and style with tremendous character for cocktails and sipping experiences.

Chairman’s Reserve 2005 Vintage is the first-ever vintage in the Chairman’s Reserve rum range, this unique 2005 vintage rum is a combination of distillates from both John Dore pot still and Coffey still. During an initial maturation period of 4 years, distillates are aged separately in different casks and then blended together by the Cellar Master, Evanus Harris, for an additional 10 years of maturation.

A pleasantly balanced nose, oaky and complex with notes of honey, orange, raisin, vanilla, toffee, brown sugar and mild green apple. On the palate there is an initial sweetness which quickly dissipates and gives way to oaky raisin notes with hints of vanilla, caramel and toffee. A midly tannic centre with a pleasant spicy finish.


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•  Country St Lucia
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 46%
•  Style Golden