Jawbox Belfast Cut Classic Dry

Jawbox is a small batch artisan gin from the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The grain for the base spirit is grown around the distillery on 300 acres of estate.

Belfast became famous for industry and invention during and after the Industrial Revolution. In 1901 the Belfast Sink was in homes throughout Britain & Ireland, with its boxy appearance and assertive presence in the room it became the focal point for rich and poor households alike. It is said that many an important conversation was had next to a Belfast Sink, hence being nicknamed the “Jawbox”.

Jawbox is triple-distilled in traditional copper pot stills in small batches using time-honoured methods – plus a unique combination of botanicals, including the local Belfast Black Mountain heather.

Big, bold juniper and pine notes balanced with coriander and clean citrus. A classic gin that becomes more complex on the palate. Starts with citrus and juniper developing into pepper, green angelica and has a subtle rootiness. Finishing with citrus, lingering juniper and pine and the quiet complexity of the supporting cast.



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•  Country Northern Ireland
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 43%