Legend of Kremlin

The legend begins, in the 15th century, in the subterranean vaults of a monastery where the Kremlin now stands.

A mysterious monk known only as Isidore is the first to harness the essence of succulent fruits and cereal grains to create an alluring elixir. For years it remains unknown to anyone outside of Moscow, until tales of this mystical spirit spread to outlying regions.

Today, every stage of the process relies on the expertise of master Russian distillers, unified by their loyal adherence to Legend’s core values of tradition and excellence.

Legend of Kremlin is still created in custom-made copper vats, adding to its distinctive texture and rich, smooth taste.

They also follow a meticulous five-part distillation process using the highest quality filters made of marble, silver and platinum, producing an unrivalled purity.



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•  Country Russia
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 40%