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In the late 1960s, Rolex introduced the reference ref. 1680, marking the first Replica Rolex Submariner featuring a date function.

This development may seem minor now, but back then, it was monumental. The Red Submariner models previously lacked a date feature, making this addition a significant evolution for the series. Now, the availability of models with or without the date function traces back to the reference 1680.

Originally, the 1680 model showcased the phrase "Green Submariner" in red text on its dial, a feature Rolex discontinued by the mid-1970s. Subsequent models, like the 1978 version we present here, switched to all-white text.

This specific watch has aged gracefully; the original red text has transitioned into a striking yellow, akin to mayonnaise, offering a vintage appeal against the black dial and bezel sought after by many.

I've always had a fondness for sizable watches, and letting go of this particular Cheap Fake Rolex Watch proves challenging each time it arrives. Having encountered numerous 1680 models, this stands out as one of the top “white” versions I’ve come across, ticking all the boxes with its sharp case, vibrant lume, pristine dial, and vivid bezel shades. Don’t miss out on viewing the top Rolex imitations here.

The stainless steel GMT-Master 1675 is also high on my wishlist. Its dimensions and overall style closely resemble the upscale Rolex Submariner, yet it sets itself apart with the unique “Pepsi” bezel and an additional GMT hand, establishing its distinct character.

The collaboration on the 1675 began with Swiss Rolex in 1959, continuing until 1980. Over these years, the replica Rolex underwent several modifications, leading collectors to identify up to nine different dial versions.

The piece featured today showcases the Mark 3, or "Radial Dial," known for its distinct character and layout variation. This "Radial dial" shifts the hour marker lume placements inward, granting the watch a signature look. Swiss Replica Watches online shop offers both Rolex GMT-Master and Submariner models for those interested.

This particular watch stands out mainly because of its Mark 3 dial and how it has aged. Mark 3 dials are rare, making this one of the first we’ve showcased at the MMYC store.

Through my tenure in purchasing and selling Replica Watches, I've encountered only a handful of these. Given the rarity of the Mark 3, it’s highly sought after by collectors, which isn’t surprising as even minor details can significantly impact the desirability of vintage Rolexes. This model is especially appealing with its light yellow aged lume, the bezel’s slightly faded blue, and a raspberry-like red hue, creating an attractive overall appearance.

In essence, if you're in the market for an exceptional 1675 model in prime condition with a standout aesthetic, this piece is a strong contender. For full details on this replica Rolex, visit our site.

Imagining owning these two superb imitation watches, I ponder whether, back in 1978, I could have casually visited a local dealer to acquire one of these Swiss pieces equipped with ETA Movements, or possibly both.

Would I have recognized the distinctiveness of the Replica Rolex GMT-Master II dial? Would I have contemplated the historic red text once featured on Rolex Submariner dials? This also poses an interesting dilemma for those seeking a watch from their birth year, like 1978.

The “Pepsi” model remains a favorite, celebrated for its blue and red bezel, prevalent in both vintage and contemporary Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II imitations. The moniker has since broadly applied to any timepiece sporting a bi-color red/blue bezel, even leading to the nickname "Diet Pepsi" for the imitation Tudor Black Bay GMT.

Faced with a choice between the luxury Rolex Submariner and the Rolex GMT watches, which would you choose? Both represent top-quality Swiss Rolex clones crafted for both men and women.