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Luxardo Espresso Coffee Liqueur


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Luxardo meticulously crafts its Espresso liqueur from a blend of carefully selected coffees from Brazil, Colombia, and Kenya, with a predominance of Arabica beans.

Through a meticulous infusion process lasting thirty days, Luxardo achieves a deep and bold flavour profile that appeals to both coffee enthusiasts and liqueur connoisseurs.

Luxardo’s expert distillation and blending techniques ensure a harmonious balance between intense coffee notes and subtle sweetness, resulting in a smooth texture.

This balance makes Luxardo Espresso Liqueur incredibly versatile, suitable for savouring neat, over ice, or as a lavish addition to cocktails and desserts.

Luxardo upholds its commitment to quality by using GMO-free ingredients and obtaining certification as kosher and vegan-friendly.

This dedication ensures that consumers can enjoy its indulgent flavours with peace of mind.

•  Country Italy
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 27%
•  Style Coffee
•  Type
  • Vegan


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