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Silent Pool Gin Coronation Expression


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The Silent Pool distillery is located in the North Downs in Surrey, near a lake that is reputedly haunted. It is crafted using traditional methods in a German-engineered pot still, powered by a wood-fired Kentish boiler.

The Coronation Expression is an entirely new recipe created from local botanicals, plants and flowers favoured by King Charles III housed in a bottle fit for royalty.​

Enjoy exquisitely fresh, crisp fruity notes from dried plum and raspberry leaves. Gentle yet elucidative citrus exudes throughout from bergamot orange, complemented by elegant floral notes from rose petals, lavender and chamomile. A dark, deep base of Earl Grey tea is backed up by tart, tangy and slightly sweet hawthorn berries.



•  Country England
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 43%