Diamantakis Prinos White

Founded in 2007, Diamantakis is a modern winery located in Crete, to the south-west of Heraklion in the heart of the Malevizi province.

The love and passion of the Diamantakis family for high quality wine and their long tradition in viticulture was the motivation to create a small winery in the area.

The family’s vision was the cultivation of local grape varieties such as Vidiano, Liatiko and Mandilaria, to produce their best expression in this unique microclimate.

The winemaker’s goal  for the Prinos White was to blend two grape varieties, Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Chardonnay, in order to create an aromatic wine.





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•  Country Greece
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 13%
•  Vintage 2021
•  Colour White
•  Region Crete
•  Varietal Chardonnay,Malvasia di Candia Aromatica

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