Dubonnet Red

In 1846, Sir Joseph Dubonnet, a Parisian wine merchant and chemist, created Dubonnet Rouge aperitif. His proprietary blend became a popular medicinal aperitif throughout the world.

Dubonnet is created using a proprietary recipe. Four Factors create Dubonnet’s iconic flavour:

A distinct blend of grapes: Rubired, Ruby Cabernet and Muscat of Alexandria gives rich & balanced flavour

A proprietary blend of herbs: Black Currant, Essence of Tea Varietals, and other ingredients lends complexity of taste and potent body.

Chinchona Tree Bark: Original medicinal ingredient derived from bark of the cinchona tree lends a dry tannin note.

100% Cane Sugar adds a touch of sweetness.



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•  Country France
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 14.8%
•  Colour Vermouth

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