Masthouse Single Estate Grain Whisky

Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate English whisky from the Copper Rivet Distillery.

It is natural, unfiltered and strikes the perfect balance of rich complexity and approachability and distilled in a combination of pot and column stills and made to highlight the influence of grains in whisky making; wheat, barley and rye.

The signature long fermentation and careful distillation in the column still means it carries the distillery’s signature ultra smooth, approachable, and easy drinking style bursting with natural sweetness.

The three grains in the mash bill, along with a touch of malt gives the connoisseur many layers of flavours to unpack; sweet and creaminess from wheat, nuttiness from barley, and a touch of rye’s herbal spiciness, with a beautifully, long finish.

Decadent sipping whisky and bold enough to be enjoyed in Old Fashion cocktail.

Matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks.




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•  Country England
•  Bottle Size 50cl
•  Alcohol 42%

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