Sakura Mancino Vermouth Limited Edition 2023

Originally from Pignola, a small hill-top village in the centre of the region of Basilicata in southern Italy, Giancarlo Mancino has spent his life working with the very best in the craft bar and restaurant industry, becoming one of the world’s most awarded and respected bartenders.

This Limited Edition Mancino Vermouth highlighting cherry blossoms from Kyoto and Italian Viola flowers, reveals Giancarlo’s culinary infatuation with Japan and Italy.

It is a perfect blend of 20 botanicals based on Italian white wines with a distinct bitter taste on the palate given by wormwood and a sweetness from the flowers.

This magical harmony with Japan is celebrated with the production of only 4000 bottles annually.




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•  Country Italy
•  Bottle Size 50cl
•  Alcohol 18%

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