Stanton & Killeen 'Classic Topaque'

Muscadelle is the grape that is responsible for some of Australia’s finest fortified wines from Rutherglen. The thing is the Australians call this grape Tokay and saying so on their labels would prevent them from selling this wine in the EU. That’s why it’s called Topaque!

Anyway, the wine is made from raisined grapes partially fermented and fortified with grape spirit. The wine is then blended in to a series of barrels and matured for a very long time in barrel to develop aromas of nuts, liquorice and toast as well as the date, fig, prune, and raisin characteristics that naturally occur because of the ripeness of the fruit and concentrating effect of the Australian heat. A sublimely mature dessert wine.

Great with dried fruit based desserts and sticky toffee pudding.


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•  Country Australia
•  Bottle Size 37.5cl
•  Alcohol 17.5%
•  Colour Sweet/Fortified
•  Region Rutherglen
•  Varietal Muscat