Adriano White Reserve Port Ramos Pinto

White Port – a less-well-known but seriously tasty style of fortified wine. Although you can make white wine from red grapes (like Champagne from Pinot Noir) this white port is made with traditional white grape varieties (Viosinho, Codega, Malvasia Fina, and Rabigato). To make port you pour unaged grape brandy into fermenting grape juice. This halts the fermentation while there are still natural sugars (and flavours!) left in the wine that would otherwise be lost if the fermentation was allowed to conclude. As a result, this is a fruity and aromatic wine that also shows some nutty characteristics from a period of ageing in oak casks. Pro-tip: the Portuguese make a drink with white port, tonic water, fresh lemon, and mint – try it at home – it’s delicious!

Presented in an individual gift box.


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•  Country Portugal
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 19.5%
•  Colour Sweet/Fortified

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