Gonzalez ByassDel Duque VORS Amontillado

For lovers of dry sherry it doesn’t get better than this. Fino sherries are left to age long enough that their blanket of yeast dies naturally. Once these wines start their oxidative ageing the best ones are selected for the Del Duque solera and start on their journey to become wine. The youngest wines in any bottle of Del Duque are from 30 years before bottling. It will contain traces of wines from 1835 – when the solera began. This is a phenomenally complex wine that shows some aged bakery characteristics (dry brioche), as well as cocoa, cedar, spices, leather, polish and smoke. This is one of the driest wines in the world.

Presented in gift tin.



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•  Country Spain
•  Bottle Size 37.5cl
•  Alcohol 21.5%
•  Colour Sweet/Fortified
•  Region Andalucia

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