Wachau Gruner Veltliner Federspiel ‘Terrassen’

Gruner Veltliner is no longer considered to be the obscure Austrian cousin of Riesling but is, in fact, a fashionable and unique variety with a personality all of its own. In some circles, it is even abbreviated/nicknamed ‘Gru-Ve’ (those of a certain generation will understand!).

Joking aside, this is a very serious wine indeed. Headed up by Master of Wine Roman Horvath, this dynamic co-operative cultivates around a third of all the vineyards in the Wachau region and is a model for sustainable winemaking and grower collaboration. With a dedication to making wines of origin and purity, the Domane Wachau wines are characterised by freshness, balance and sheer drinkability.

Federspiel wines have a maximum alcohol content of 12.5% and Chaptalisation is strictly forbidden. The vines are cultivated in the classical Lenz Moser-trellis system and are handpicked. Gentle pressing, sedimentation overnight, temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel define the vinification process. A moderate reductive treatment guarantees a fresh and fruity, yet well-structured wine.

This wine offers distinctive aromas of green apple, white pepper, hints of mango, balanced with delicate herbal notes. This Federspiel is a traditional example of Gruner Veltliner with its medium-body, crisp acidity, juicy fruits and white spice on the finish.


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•  Country Austria
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 12%
•  Vintage 2020
•  Colour White
•  Region Wachau
•  Varietal Gruner Veltliner
•  Type
  • Sustainable farming
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

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