Birds Botanical Spirit

BIRDS Botanical Spirit is an alternative spirit for people with an open palate, who are looking for a unique adventure in their glass.

Each bottle is distilled from 5 litres of fruity Riesling and is macerated for four days with 12 handpicked organic botanicals to create this distinct and exotic product.

Juniper, the main ingredient in gin, is left out on purpose.

There are 700 bottles produced per batch, and these are hand-bottled in the BIRDS distillery in Hamburg.


– EUROPE … blackcurrant, apple, orange peel

– AFRICA … jungle pepper, clove

– AMERICA … cocoa shell, angelica, pink pepper

– ASIA … star anise, liquorice

– AUSTRALIA … mace, eucalyptus

The result is a unique spirit, that breaks boundaries and does not let itself be categorised.


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•  Country Germany
•  Bottle Size 50cl
•  Alcohol 42.2%

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