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Calabro Porcino Liqueur (Porcini Mushroom)


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Porcino Calabro is crafted by macerating spring and autumn-harvested porcini mushrooms from the Sila mountains.

The optimal harvesting period yields well-developed, fragrant mushrooms.

Skilled collectors, knowledgeable about the Silane undergrowth and seasonal ripening, undertake the labour-intensive harvesting process.

Porcino Calabro liqueur is exclusively made from Porcino Silano, without added colourings or flavourings.

It’s perfect as an aperitif and enhances whiskey-based cocktails like the Manhattan. Ideal for flavouring mushroom dishes such as braised meats and risottos in cooking.

•  Country Italy
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 30%


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