Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

Hendrick’s Gin is infused with the essences of rose and cucumber, supported by 11 botanicals from around the world.

It is created by marrying distillates from two types of still –a traditional copper pot still and a rarer Carter-Head style still.

Combining the spirits from the different stills creates a singularly smooth gin that has both intriguing depth of flavour and a delicate floral aroma.

Hendrick’s  LUNAR Gin is deeply floral and richly aromatic. It is an intriguing combination of the refreshing and the warm, designed to be shared and savoured.

This limited release gin was devised by Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie.





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•  Country Scotland
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 43.4%

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