Pazos de Lusco Albarino

Albarino is fast becoming a very fashionable grape indeed. Due to its popularity through global exports and the innovation of being one of the first regions in Spain to employ varietal labeling, the vines have now found their way to California, Oregon, Washington State, Australia, New Zealand and even Uruguay. It is also, since 2010, now a permitted variety in France too!

Pazos de Lusco is an artisanal Rias Baixas producer crafting elegant and expressive Albarino wines. Located just 2 kilometres from the Portuguese border in the sub-region of Condado do Tea, the wines are characteristic of this inland region, typically richer and fuller than their coastal counterparts. At the heart of the estate lies the majestic manor house, known as Pazo Pineiro, which dates back to the 16th century. Surrounding the Pazo are 5 hectares of vineyards, with vines trained in the traditional Pergola system; on high trellises to maximize sun exposure and increase air circulation to maintain perfectly healthy bunches of grapes.

Meaning ‘sunset’ in the local Galician dialect, Lusco is a vibrant, bright, and relatively full-bodied Albarino. It has a powerful nose with aromas of fresh herbs, tropical fruits and floral tones. Fresh and complex on the palate, the wine is unctuous, soft and refined.


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•  Country Spain
•  Bottle Size 75cl
•  Alcohol 13.5%
•  Vintage 2022
•  Colour White
•  Region Rias Baixas
•  Varietal Albarino
•  Type
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

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