Sake Junmai Daiginjo Akashi Tai

Sake is an intricate category that can be confusing for the lay-person. Luckily the classification of “Daiginjo” is easy to understand. Literally it translates as “Big Ginjo” and it is usually released as the ultimate expression of the skill of the master brewer. It is made with utmost care in every step of production from grain selection, to milling, to fermentation, and pressing. The result is a highly aromatic dry style of sake in which this is fine example. It shows apple, peach, and banana characteristics as well as the classic nutty characteristic one expects from sake. This is a fine and well balanced rice wine that can be served chilled – and pairs beautifully with simple rice and fish dishes.


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•  Country Japan
•  Bottle Size 72cl
•  Alcohol 16%