Uche Premium Coconut Rum

Pronounced Ooo-Chay, UCHE is a resonant Nigerian name of Igbo heritage, carrying the powerful meanings of ‘will’ and ‘intention’.

This multi-award-winning, vegan-friendly premium flavoured rum is meticulously crafted without any compromises, setting a new standard in excellence.

Uche Rum flawlessly melds the richness of golden rum with a velvety and delightful coconut infusion.

Its distinct character and exquisite taste are a testament to the expertise behind its creation.

The intention was to create an exceptionally smooth and versatile rum that offers a delightful experience whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or mixed into cocktails.

Uche Rum transforms cola into a smooth, indulgent mix of caramel and coconut flavours. It gracefully mingles with ginger beer, lemonade and a variety of fruit juices, creating a harmonious blend every time. In addition, Uche Rum elegantly complements creamy drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, even milk, adding layers of sweetness and smoothness to every sip.








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•  Country United Kingdom
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 37.5%
•  Style Flavoured
•  Type
  • Vegan

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