Ancho Reyes Verde

The poblano chilis, used in the production of this liqueur, are cultivated in the volcano-enriched soils of Puebla. After harvest, the soil is rested for three years before it again grows chilis.

One by one, each poblano chilli is individually hand-selected for quality. For Ancho Reyes Verde, the chilis are harvested earlier, while green and a portion are fire roasted. These chilis express a bright, crisp, and fresh heat.

For 6 months, the chilis soak in a stepped process, macerating in small vats of neutral cane spirit from Veracruz, Mexico.

Imbued with chilli flavour, the resulting liquid is then hand-blended, to maintain consistent flavour and spice.

Once ready, the liquid is bottled. Each bottle is inspected individually then hand labelled according to tradition.

Tasting notes:

Ancho Reyes Verde has a bright and herbal taste with notes of golden pineapple and a savoury acidity finishing with the crisp, fresh heat of the poblano chili.


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•  Country Mexico
•  Bottle Size 70cl
•  Alcohol 40%
•  Style Chili Pepper